Logo Design

logo design
All Companies need to have a distinctive Logo design to ensure that their brand is recognisable whenever the title or name of the company is not easily visible.

We work with clients to achieve a logo design that is representative of their business, and has the right colours and shapes to convey brand identity quickly and memorably. Since colour plays a vital role in how a brand is perceived we work with each client to choose colours that reproduce well in all media, are distinctive in all sizes and tie in with the vision or mission of the company.

We also make sure that your logo is suitable for reproduction in large and small sizes, that it reproduces well in print or on screen and also in monochrome copies.

We have done logo designs for clients from all over the world from Australia to Europe, and for many types of business even including rock groups.

So, if you need your brand to stand out or simply need a new logo to complement your new corporate image, give us a ring and we can come and discuss your ideas with you. We can even conduct surveys of your clients, staff and other customers to identify how they perceive your business before we come up with possible ideas for our new image.