Catalogue Printing and Design

catalogue printing

One of our specialities is catalogue printing and design. We design the product catalogues for multi-national companies that are based on massive databases of products that all need to be precisely photographed, labelled, described and priced.

The layout has to be easy to understand and simple for the customer to use. Everything has to be accurately indexed and checked. They also have to be rigorously documented so that when updates are made, they can be made with the least amount of disruption to the existing pages.

Catalogue Printing Specialists

Catalogues often have many pages and need special binding techniques or even lamination depending upon their ultimate destination. We can advise on the best techniques to use and then select the most appropriate printer for your needs.

Whether your product range changes regularly or you simply do an annual review, we can advise you on the best type of catalogue to produce, the most appropriate binding and the best way to keep your product data so that the whole process is made as simple as possible.