A simple glossy brochure is often a great way to ensure that your customers see that quality is a hallmark of your business, whether it is for a hotel, a trade fair, or as a mini-catalogue for your business.

Graphic Design Plymouth have designed many brochures of all types and sizes, for small and large companies, so you can be sure that our most creative design flair will convey your message in an attractive and eye-catching way.

We are careful which printers we choose for your brochure, since not all of them can reproduce the quality and volume that may be needed. However with our experience you can be sure that your brochure will meet all of your expectations.

The trick in designing a good brochure is to match it to your expected audience.

If you are aiming for a mature audience there is no point in putting a load of young people on it or the target audience will immediately disregard it. Equally if your target audience is young people it needs to be written in a style and language that they understand.

Spend a reasonable amount of your marketing budget on a good brochure design and you will find that you can also extract bits of it for sales letters, flyers and other types of publicity at a much reduced cost, since a lot of the artwork will already have been done.